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The Gypsy's Journey

The man behind the myth is just a normal guy named Chris Murphy.

From an early age, the Arts stirred within him as he spent hours drawing out imaginative worlds, characters, and scenes on paper.  During 5th grade, in a possible occurrence of "Universal Foreshadowing", Chris portrayed the character of "The Storyteller" in the school play, establishing his love for Theater, and introducing him the role he would take on and develop for the entirety of his life.

In the years that followed, Chris would continue to explore various mediums of Storytelling, from music, to writing, to video production.  He would deepen his education, taking a course in Meisner Technique under Rachael Adler (founder of Studio Magnetic, and Waterfront Playhouse and Conservatory).  With Rachael's guidance, Chris would hone his identity as a performer, writer, and director for the stage and screen.

With a strong foundation and a focused direction, opportunities began to emerge.  Chris found early success in independent film, and also landed lead roles in several major video game releases including

"House of the Dead III" for Microsoft's original XBox, "Blood Will Tell" for Sony's PlayStation 2, and, is best known for his role as Murray in the "Sly Cooper" classic franchise for PlayStation.

Ultimately, the Storyteller would take the wheel and Chris would find himself taking courses in film and television production, and screenwriting.  From there he would produce and perform in hours of original short films, sketch comedy, and one-act plays across the state, and continue to write feature-length screenplays on spec.

In recent years, Chris has worked with organizations such as Butte County Office of Education as a Trauma-Informed Teaching-Artist in places like Paradise Middle and High School, and Table Mountain School in the Juvenile Hall in Oroville, CA, where he focused all of his education and experience into creating unique, innovative, and effective curriculum for students most in need of the benefits of artistic expression.

In 2018 Chris founded a sketch comedy group, Chico Live Improv Comedy, and in 2021 a nonprofit theater called, Dream Machine Productions, which will serve as a platform for classes and community outreach programs he has developed in hopes of expanding Arts Education in under served communities.  In the meantime, he continues to teach in Butte County while performing his Traveling Musical Revue whenever possible.

To stay up to date on the Gypsy's Journey and current projects:

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Thank you for reading!

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