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New Frontiers

-A Graphic Novel-

New Frontiers is a story that has been in development for 15 years, and is finally ready to be told.
It is science-fiction at its best, as it takes current scientific advancements and events and extrapolates a possible future rife with all of the ethical questions and puzzles that confront us today in our quest for advancement.

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(Last Updated: 9/29/21)

New Frontiers is a Science-Fiction, Psychological-Thriller with elements of Fantasy and Action.  The story takes place 150 years after the U.S. has sold the western states to the highest bidding global tech corporation, and follows a small group of humans who remain free of any technology integrated into their bodies, as they discover the truth about their predecessors, the Artificial Intelligence that runs the Corporate State, and their role in the larger picture.

How do they stay safe along their journey in the face of the many dangers that challenge them along the way?  Simple.  They are traveling with the only human ever to have survived a complete tech integration from the earliest stages of development, and mastered his fully weaponized capabilities!

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New Frontiers

-Living Storyboard Demo-

This is a very rough demo of a digital delivery method I'm experimenting with.  The idea is to have a complete audio track to accompany video moving through the pages.  This clip uses the pencil drawings of the first few pages I have done.  Again, it is rough, but it gives an idea of the potential.

New Frontiers: Video

Please Check Back Often For Updates!!!

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