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What Is The

Free Your Head Project?

"I believe that using online marketing and social media tools is exactly like using the restroom; you go in there, take care of your business, then get the heck out!"  -The Pale Gypsy

The Free Your Head Project is a series of live events to be performed during the Summer of 2021 meant to reconnect individuals to some of the things that have been suspended throughout the past year and a half. Audiences will once again be able to enjoy the shared experience of collective laughter and live music with this unique and original show! The Pale Gypsy encourages you to Log Off, Break Free, and Tune In!

Log Off- First of all, yes, we understand the irony of encouraging you to “Log Off” while on our website. This is not a call to smash your computer or throw your phone in a blender. “Log Off” is simply a reminder that, although necessary in our modern age, the amount of time spent staring at a screen has become overwhelming. In the old days, people would read the newspaper, then put it down when they were finished, meaning there was a built-in cue to stop and get on with your day. Today's social media based 24-hour news cycle has no such cue, so it is up to each individual to log off. Instead of continuing to scroll, turn off your device and daydream for fifteen minutes, or just stare out the window and let your mind wander! It's fun!

Break Out- This is simply an invitation to “Break Out” of your normal routine. Once you've logged off of your device, be a little adventurous. This doesn't have to be anything drastic, but if you want to jump out of an airplane or something, go for it! Large or small, just do something to disrupt the routine.

Create new neural pathways! It's fun!

Tune In- Once you've logged off of your device and broken out of your routine, “Tune In” to your environment and the other individuals around you. Some call it “being in the moment”, others call it “practicing mindfulness”... the Pale Gypsy calls it “Tuning In”. Try it! It's fun!

To summarize, The Free Your Head Project provides a vehicle to “Log Off” of your device for a couple of hours, “Break Out” of your normal routine to come see this unique performance, and “Tune In” to the goofy absurdity of the satire, to the feeling of live music, and to those around you as you enjoy the laughter and tunes together!

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