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The Shelf

All writers have a pile of screenplays, treatments, and/or manuscripts that we believe in, but are waiting for the right conditions to put out into the world.  These projects remain in the limbo world of...  THE SHELF!!!

Below, you can find the projects currently occupying The Pale Gypsy's Shelf.  Of course, if any of you investors out there see something you would like to support, (shameless plug) contact me!

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For the Big Screen

FOODBALL (Sports-Comedy)

Log Line:  Full contact, tackle football... in a restaurant dining room!  To save his family’s bar and grill, Mel Ruby creates a sport called Full Contact Food Service.  

Synopsis:  It’s a typical day at Full Contact Sports Bar and Grill, but during an interaction with a young customer, Mel realizes that slowly over the years he and his cousin, Donny, have sadly forgotten about their dreams of becoming professional athletes.  However, there are more immediate concerns;   Mel’s uncle, Albert, tells them that the business is in trouble.  Vito’s Bistro, the corporate competitor across the street owned by the infamous billionaire Vito Guerelli, has siphoned away most of their customers through a series of extravagant gimmicks, leaving the family owned restaurant with a tough choice:  Either come up with a gimmick of their own and secure a bank loan, or shut down.
   Determined to not give up on his family, Mel comes up with a solution:  He and Donny conceive of a way to combine the excitement of spectator sports, like football, with the enjoyment of a good dining experience to create Full Contact Food Service.  This is a sport where the servers are the athletes, the dining room is the playing field, and the customers help award points and choose a winner.  After remodeling the dining room and hiring a unique group of server-athletes (including Judy, a former employee of Vito’s who was fired due to an ethical dispute), Full Contact Food Service becomes a smash hit.  It becomes so popular, in fact, that Vito uses some hired goons, his large bank roll, and a few connections from his shady past to take it all away from Mel, Albert, and Donny and make the sport his own.  In a last ditch effort to save the family business, Albert makes a winner-takes-all bet with Vito, wagering everything on how far their teams can go in a no-holds-barred Tournament of Champions where anything goes!
STATUS:  Complete Feature-Length Screenplay

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For the Small Screen

THE LEISURE SHIP FANTASTIC (Animation, Sci-Fi, Action-Comedy)

The Leisure Ship Fantastic is an animated, comedic, sci-fi series structured similarly to “Fantasy Island” and “The Love Boat”, but with a Gene Roddenberry/Rod Serling sensibility to the storytelling.  Each episode brings us to a new planet, or interesting place in the galaxy, as the crew of the Leisure Ship Fantastic creates a unique vacation experience catered to the specific wishes of their diverse clientele. These experiences take us on journeys of discovery, uncovering the fascinating mysteries of both the universe without, and the universe within. The Leisure Ship Fantastic is one of many recreational vessels owned and operated by Celestial Pleasure Cruises, the go-to travel service for anyone looking for anything from a quiet family getaway, to an extreme, heart-stopping adventure!

STATUS:  Completed Season One Treatment

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